David Miller Hypnosis Seminars

                                                               I currently travel to small communities throughout  the U.S conducting Free Wellness with Hypnosis 
                                                                      Seminars for Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss.

                                                              During my 2-hour seminar, I explain what Hypnosis is and how unhealthy habits are learned.  
                                                                     The attendees are guided thru 2 Hypnosis sessions where my positive statements shut off their 
                                                                     unhealthy habits.

                                                                     If you've tried to lose weight on any diet, you probably have different size clothing in your closet.
                                                                     Diets don't shut off unhealthy eating habits like eating too much or when you're not hungry.

                                                                     If you smoke, you're not craving nicotine, you're craving the habit of smoking.  The habit like not
                                                                     being able to start your car, answer the phone, finish a meal, or drink a cup of coffee, without
                                                                     lighting a smoke.  That's a habit.  Nicotine is out of your body  within 72 hours (3-days).
                                                                     If you have wasted money on patches, pills, gum, or other items, you know the habit is the problem.  

              David Miller S.W. C.Ht.                Those who are not able to attend one of my Free seminars, do just as well with my Hypnosis Cd's. 
                                                                    These Cd's will give you the same success as attending a public seminar.                                      

                                                          I also conduct private sessions at your home or place of business for $5...... 
                                                                                  Call to inquire  231-288-5941                                                                        

     Watch us on WZZM 13 "Healthy You"                   Check out my YouTube video.....more to come 


               *  All Nicotine is out of your body within 72 hrs (3-DAYS) after you stop smoking.
     * The PSYCHOLOGICAL CRAVING  "Not the nicotine coming out of your body"  Keeps you smoking.
         * 73% of the people who Quit Smoking at one of my seminars 5 years ago are still NON-SMOKERS!
       *  HYPNOSIS is a NATURAL, Normal state of mind that anyone can go into.
        * The best PERMANENT way to deal with any psychological cravings is with HYPNOSIS.
 *  You can become a Non-Smoker permanently WITHOUT   weight gain, anxiety, or physical cravings whatsoever.
       * People LEARN to eat too much of the wrong foods, and not enough of the right foods.
* In HYPNOSIS (A natural state of mind that everyone can go into) unhealthy eating habits are replaced with our      natural healthy cravings, resulting in permanent weight loss.
          * Human beings not only crave the right foods, but water, rest, and exercise are also "NATURAL" cravings.
* To UN-LEARN unhealthy eating and living habits, the subconscious cravings must be dealt with.
* You to can lose weight and keep it off PERMANENTLY  like thousands who have attended one of my seminars.
231-288-5941 or email us at.....info@dmseminars.com