Jenny Grand Ledge, MI...I attended your seminar in Grand Ledge. I do admit, when Angie at the bank told me about you I was skeptical
           I thought barking like dogs, clucking like chickens, watches, etc. My last drink of soda was at 4pm that day. I normally out of habit buy          
            20 ouncers or 2 liters of diet cherry pepsi a day.  All I have had is water.  Normally breakfast I will have a candy bar, a $1 bag of chips & a soda.
           I haven't had any of that either.  I have a banana or grapes or a piece of toast wit PB.  I am catching myself doing things I never did prior to 
           seeing you. This was a trial because I had no idea how it would work.  I wanted to say Thank-You.  I was looking into lap band surgery etc 
           because I am so overweight. I feel great & well rested. I'm ready to be up in the morning. I tried to eat a York peppermint patty & it left a waxy
           feeling in my mouth.  I also have 3/5 children that have been diagnosed for adhd. 2/3 are calm after listening to the add/adhd cd.  I know my
           oldest would be too if he wasn't being a stinker. Thank you once again, I feel like a new person.

           Dennis West Branch, MI ...I attended a seminar in West Branch in March 2012 & bought the Pain management Cd. I am so
          THANKFUL! I use to take Vicodin all day long & now I listen to the CD at night, get a good nights sleep & DO NOT have to
           use the Vicodin at all. It's amazing!!!! I also quit smoking but in July, I had a terrible week with 2 deaths in the family & a friend             
           in the hospital from a motorcycle accident & started smoking again.  I returned to another seminar last night March 2013 &
           bought the Stop Smoking program, I am confident this will work!!  Thank-you Dave
           Maryanne Hastings, MI ... I attended the seminar in Hastings, MI on Feb 5th 2013. I came to get help with my weight loss.
           I have listened, so far to the 1st set of Cd's, for the 1st 21 days as you said and have lost a total of 10 pounds & drop
           a whole dress size!! Your program has been a God Send for me!  I'm sure you have heard this numerous times,  but I've  
           tried every type of weight loss programs without any success until now.  I'm eating the right foods, drinking more water,     
           exercising, no longer snacking at night, and just feeling really good about myself.  I am also going to walk the Fifth Third
           5K walk on May 11th, which I would never have been able to do a year ago.  Thank-you so much for your help.

           Tina West Branch, MI ...I just wanted to send you an update (since I said I would). My husband and I have continued on the plan
           and the cds. I have lost 30 pounds and he has lost 20. We have signed up for a 1/2 Marathon in August for our 18 year anniversary
           gift to each other. Yahoooooo is all I have to say. He is still working on loosing another 20 pounds and I would love to lose another
           40 but we are thrilled to be where we are now too. With the marathon training in our future I am sure there will be some ups and 
           downs ;) Thanks again for stopping by the West Branch area! We appreciate it tremendously!!

           Rose Marie Florida ... I attended your seminar last year in Florida. Since then, I have lost 43 pounds and am walking on an 
           average of 12,000 steps a day. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

           Barbara David City, NE ... I lost 202-lbs since 2010. Thank-you Dave for my new life, I feel GREAT.         

          Cyndi St Louis, MI ... I was ready to quit back in 2003 and had tried several methods.  Since my husband was still smoking
​          at home, everything failed for me.  I came across your clinic in the paper & decided to give it a try.  I brought 7 cigarettes
​          with me that night and smoked them all in 15 minutes waiting to go into your clinic.  I walked out a NON-SMOKER and haven't
​          looked back.  It will be 10 years this June, Thank-you Dave.

​          Dolly P. Marquette, MI  ...I absolutely have no desire to smoke, i love being hypnotized, it's so relaxing.

​          Marie Bitely, MI ...I quit smoking Dec. 15th 2003. I walked out of Mr. Miller's seminar a NON-SMOKER and it's been almost
​          10 years now, I feel great!!

​          Ray Sault Ste. Marie, MI ... It's been 16 months for me now, it was easy, no withdrawals or cravings! Ray a smoker for more         
​          than 20 years, said his neighbors got him interested in hypnosis after their success. 

​          Marsha C. Rock Falls, IL ... I have lost 30-lbs in 2 months and lowered total cholesterol from 300 to 160. Thank-you Dave

​          Diane Traverse City, MI ... Lost 45-lbs by eating less, eating healthier, and moving more, just like Dave said at his seminar.

          Jennifer Papillion, NE ... Jennifer played the Sleep Cd for her 4yr old son who has never slept all through the night since birth.
​          Called to Thank me, her son slept all night & continues to do so.