My Cd's will put the listener into Hypnosis each time you listen.
                                    Reinforcement with hypnosis CD’S is very important and greatly increases
                                    positive results.  I currently have 28 audio reinforcement  CD’S available:

                                   A $2.50 shipping fee will be added to all orders. 

​                For Smoking and Weight Loss programs, 2 Cd's should be listened to once a day x 21 days. 

  Quit Smoking Program (2 audio's)........$49                   
​  Quit Smoking (all tobacco products)
  Stress Management
​  Weight Loss Program (4 audio's)..........$69
​  Lose Weight
​  Weight Maintenance
  Exercise (Get Moving)
  Ego Strengthening (Feel better about yourself)                           

​  Bonus Program (10 audio's).................$119
​  A Mental Medicine Cabinet

​  In addition to the Quit Smoking program and the Weight Loss program
  you will receive 4 bonus cd's that may be listened to at any time and as needed.

​  Sleep (Go to sleep and stay asleep)
  Dealing with Pain
  Overcome Depression
  Sexual Fulfillment

​  You may purchase any individual audio's.. $29 
                         Quit Smoking
  Stress Management
  Lose Weight
  Weight Maintenance                                
  Ego Strengthening 
  Dealing with Pain
  Overcome Depression
  Sexual Fulfillment

  Self improvement audio's...................... $20

                       Increase Memory Skills
  (Increase your ability to retrieve any learned memory quickly & efficiently)

                            Total Golf
  (Golf is a mental game about staying focused, this audio will keep you
        focused throughout the entire game)

                              Confidence in Public Speaking                                           
      (Confidence in public speaking is all about staying relaxed, staying
       focused, and retrieval of information.  My cd will allow this 3-step process
       to happen with ease and confidence)
                              Overcome Alcohol
      (Many people find that alcohol consumption impedes their quality of life.  
        If one has the desire, this Cd will stop the use of alcohol and the desire for it)

                          Overcome Gambling  
      (Gambling, like many addictions, is psychological.  Therefore Hypnosis is 
        the method that makes sense to stop the psychological cravings). 

                                                 Comfortable Delivery  
      (Ever heard of the Lamaze method?  Lamaze is Hypnosis.  
       The most natural, pain free child delivery possible).    

      **New** For ADD/ADHD  **New**               
     This audio is appropriate for any age group with 
        symptoms of ADD/ADHD from young children to adults 

          **New**  Menopause  **New**
      This audio is designed to help women deal with symptoms of menopause
        Hypnosis is the most effective way to deal with these symptoms.
​        **New** Needle Phobia **New**
      ** New** Overcome Nail Biting **New**
                    No More Fears's............ $20
       Fears and phobias are learned just like unhealthy habits.  Human babies are born with
     only two natural fears, falling and the startle response (like when we hear a loud noise). 
     All other fears are learned either by intentional teaching (parents telling us to look both
     ways when crossing a street), or unintentional learning (like siblings dunking us under
     water, or throwing snakes or spiders at us).  Often these fears are reinforced in books 
     and movies.

     I have developed a series of Hypnosis Cd's for some of the most common fears
     and phobias.  My Cd's will deal with your fears at the core, your subconscious
     mind, and put your irrational fears behind you once and for all. 

                        Spiders & Insects 
                        Being closed in a small place (Claustrophobia)
                        Crowds (Agoraphobia)
                        Driving (all conditions)
                        Flying on a plane

               All reinforcement  CD’S are “true hypnosis” no background music or gentle sounds, 
                                 only my voice and positive reinforcement statements. 

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           (     )  Bonus Program                        $119 
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