DM Seminars

                 As a licensed social worker, I have been practicing hypnotherapy in a variety of clinical settings for over 30 years.
                 I now specialize in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, and Stress Management. 

                All of my methods are tested and proven methods approved by the American Medical Association back in 1958. 
                I was trained as a medical hypnotist, not a stage hypnotist. I use all positive, healthy statements to shut off habits
                and allow people to once again listen to all natural human cravings for water, healthy foods, and exercise; cravings
                we are born with that never change. 

                During my career, I have done individual counseling, group & family therapy, marriage counseling and have
                incorporated hypnotherapy with many other approved therapies during my entire counseling career.  I conduct
                pain management seminars (hypnosis is the most effective pain management technique). I have taught natural
                child birth through hypnosis and worked with police departments to help people retrieve memory.  I use hypnosis
                to shut off fears and phobias, just like habits, fears are learned.

​                My Hypnosis Cd's have been developed through years of experience and are very unique & effective. All Cd's are
                true hypnosis messaging.  No music or distracting background sounds.  Not only are they very effective for
                reinforcement (21-days to break a habit) but they can be shared with friends and family members who haven't
                attended one of my seminars.  The subconscious mind (our memories) trigger habits like smoking, (usually
                associated with other behaviors like driving a car, finishing a meal, drinking a cup of coffee, etc.) or eating when
                we are bored, sad, and lonely (eating our feelings).  My positive statements in hypnosis shut off these unwanted
                habits at the source permanently... the "subconscious mind. 

                I currently travel to over 200 cities in 10 states conducting my wellness seminars.  I also offer private corporate
                sessions.  Obesity in our country is skyrocketing.  I am doing my part in helping the US get healthy one town at a time.  

                                                 For more information 
                                 Contact therapist David Miller 231-288-5941

                                 or email us at........ info@dmseminars.com